Our Why
Our Why
Our Why

After the WHY was started to help take ideas further than the WHY. To bring more ideas to life and to be the resource when existing ones are ready to grow. Whether it’s making that idea a reality instead of letting it be for years or scaling up your business by implementing the right processes & efficiencies. We are a team who have been there and done that.

The Founder – Divesh Sareen is a curious individual who has had the experience of both working in corporates and start-ups.

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The World of After the WHY

Red Pill

For the dreamers that need the guidance and framework to start shaping their WHY. Breaking the what and HOW into smaller sections for planning sprints and deliverables.

Blue Pill

For the dreamers who have their WHY ready and need someone to deliver their WHAT and HOW. Suitable for start ups and businesses looking to scale.

Augmented Reality APP Showcase

The Real Arena App showcase which can make virtual experiences the size of the building enabling walkthrough of something that does not exist yet for buyers.

A perfect solution for Home builders and property developers to showcase their projects in concept phase. Build from floor plans, the augmented tours engage and educate buyers with a display home that fits in their pocket.

Latest Projects by ATW

Some projects where we have helped deliver the WHAT and HOW !

Our Values

We aim to
bring more
WHY’s to life

We do it
with Integrity

We find the
hacks and

We only
commit what
we can

We focus
on creativity
instead of
just following

We think
long term
and keep
it real


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