After the WHY was started to help take ideas further than the WHY. To bring more ideas to life and to be the resource when existing ones are ready to grow. Whether it’s making that idea a reality instead of letting it be for years or scaling up your business by implementing the right processes & efficiencies. We are a team who have been there and done that.

The Founder – Divesh Sareen is a curious individual who has had the experience of both working in corporates and start-ups. Having worked at places like the REA Group he moved on to explore the Entrepreneurial world starting a real estate brand from scratch, an App start up, heading start-ups in Product & Technology capacity and consulting scale-ups.

The reason he started After the WHY was because he noticed there was a big gap in the market where an enormous about of ideas never even went live even as a prototype. There is so much motivation available on all platforms but the next step or a helping hand when starting up was not easy to find.

So, he made After the WHY his own WHY to work on with the goal to let less ideas fade away into yesterday or the too hard basket for anyone that could have done it with his help.


Divesh Sareen


Who is Divesh Sareen