90 Days Plan

The 90 day plan canvas provides the framework for adding action items in blocks of 30 days with an option to tick off as they are actioned.

Start Up Lean Canvas

The ATW Start-Up model canvas helps you get the ideas out of your head into a structured form of execution. It makes it easy to see everything from a high level.

Vision Board

Vision Board Canvas is a framework that visually affirm your goals and dreams into a collection of action items including detail about them such as Why, What, How, status and due date. The items can be rated based on priority.

Value Proposition

Value Proposition Canvas is a framework which can help ensure that a product / service is positioned around what the customer values and needs.

Technology Stack

Technology Stack Canvas helps you add the sets of technologies used to develop and power an application. It includes information on programming languages, frameworks, databases, front-end (User Interface), Back-end tools, Cloud services, API’s used.

More structure towards your WHAT and HOW

  • Editable canvasses on the go
  • PDF export
  • Option to Share with other users
  • Cloud storage
  • First 3 months FREE
  • $4.99 per month after that
  • Cancel anytime

Discover a more efficient way of managing your Business Goals by structuring them to suit you.