About: Australia’s first interactive listing platform. White labelled App solution for real estate agencies. HomeLoop helps get real time feedback on properties. It provides the know from your database who’s interested, and who isn’t (and why) within seconds of listing a property. The App includes synced calendars with your database for private inspections, real time inspection feedback, connection to all one click rental applications and live chat. All integrated straight into your current CRM. It automates all the non-productive tasks within the sales and leasing process, so agents can focus on what matters. Getting deals done.


Client requirements:


  • Move development teams and assist with developer handover
  • Build Product Roadmap
  • UX uplift & redesign
  • API set up with CRM’s to pull and push data
  • Changes in Technology stack & App functionality
  • Enable the MVP for a commercial launch.


Outcome / Features: Divesh Sareen who was the CTO at the time delivered on all requirements within 5 months of starting the project.


Technology Stack: Swift, Kotlin, Firebase, Django, Twilio, Sendgrid, PostgreSQL, Amazon Web Services (AWS).


Website: www.homeloop.com.au