Who is Divesh Sareen



Divesh Sareen (born October 4, 1986) is an Indian-born Australian entrepreneur and author who moved to Australia when he was 21 to study for his Master’s in Information Technology. He is the author of the 2-book series entitled The Indian Mate. The two volumes share the journey from Namaste to Howrya acting as a source of inspiration for people who belong to more than one country.


Early Life


He is the eldest child born in Ludhiana Punjab, in a family with limited resources and raised amidst great hardship and financial difficulties. Divesh began exploring his options both in India and abroad with the hope to elevate his and his families standing in his lifetime.




He studied in a private Convent School and completed his undergraduate studies in Maths, Computers & Science in 2004.  He excelled in maths at the university and bagged the title of maths guru in later years.


He completed his Bachelor’s degree in Business Management in 2007 from Punjab Technical University.


He completed his Master’s degree in IT in 2010 from Swinburne University of Technology, Australia.


Move to Australia


He moved to Australia in February 2008, at the age of 21, to work towards building a better future for himself and his family.


In his books, Divesh shares his journey of moulding himself from one culture to the other and his understanding of both. It also narrates his efforts to challenge some cultural norms such as the idea of an arranged marriage by convincing his parents to let him marry an Australian girl they had never met.


Career & Business


Divesh started his first job as a manager of production and worked in various admin jobs, call centres, taught maths online and worked at Dell Technologies whilst saving up to come to Australia.


In Australia, he worked odd jobs as he studied, taught maths till year 12 and worked in Telesales. After finishing his degree, he worked as a website developer, technical support personnel, account manager and did odd jobs over the weekend.


He later became an entrepreneur and a renowned Product & Technology advisor and a strategic thinker who consults and assists businesses with their strategies.


He built a real estate brand and his own Augmented Reality app start-up. He also heads various other start-ups in Product & Technology capacity and consults scale-ups.


His latest and upcoming ventures are After the WHY, Seeking Guru, Avatar Media, and Find a Legend.


Books and the Vision


The Indian Mate‘ Volume 1 and Volume 2 were written with an aim of adding something of value to inspire younger generations and is an attempt to narrate the lives of people who sacrificed everything to lay a pathway for others.


The poem ‘Forged from two different nations’, which is part of the book, narrates the dilemma of the people belonging to more than one nation.


He believes in the ideology of his favourite poem – ‘Jind Meriye Mitti Diye Dheriye’, the essence of which is that we will not remain here forever, and even the next breath is not guaranteed. Therefore, our emphasis should be on living a life with a purpose that’s bigger than us.